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1031-exchange_313A tax deferred exchange makes it possible to avoid paying capital gains tax when moving investments between two similar types of property. Without this tax deferral, tax would have to be paid when one investment property was sold, even if the intention was to use the money to buy another investment property of the same kind. By using a tax deferred exchange, it is possible to avoid paying any capital gains tax until the final property is sold, without replacement. Avoiding capital gains tax will allow more money to be retained and invested in the replacement property.

A like-kind investment property is one that is intended to be used for a similar purpose as the original investment property, for example, a real property that will be used for business,

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storage-room_403If you seem to be running out of space for all of your belongings, then there are three options available to you. You can get rid of some of your belongings, reorganize them so that they take up less space or find some new places in which to store them.

Increasing the amount of storage space in your home can be very useful. It can also help to make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you are thinking of selling your house.

Reorganizing your existing storage space can sometimes make it possible to fit all of your belongings neatly into place without having to take up any more room. You could, for example, rearrange the storage space in your closet, using shelving, clothes rails and wire racks to ensure that all of the available space is

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green-home_400Environmental awareness has never been so widespread or so important as it is today. One of the main ways in which you, as a homeowner, can make a difference is by making your home a greener one. Creating a more environmentally friendly home will not only benefit the environment, but reduce your bills and make your house more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Some green homes are built that way, but many are renovated or improved in order to make them greener and more energy efficient. A large number of the homes that are built today have some environmentally friendly features, whether it is the products from which they are made or the installation of green, energy efficient heating and water systems.

Living in a greener home will

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window_348If your windows are old and shabby looking, you may be able to revive them simply by giving them a good clean and giving the frames a new coat of paint, but replacing your windows may be a more effective way to make your home more attractive. Replacing your windows can also have other benefits. You can choose the style of window that looks best for your property and which matches your own taste. You can select frames that are manufactured from more attractive and hardwearing materials. You can also make sure that you choose windows made from glass that will provide better insulation than your existing windows.

Window frames come in a wide range of different styles and can be produced from a number of different materials. You should consider both the

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outside-home-improvement_200Home improvement does not necessarily contain itself to just inside the home. For example, the yard on which the home is built is just a big of a part of the house. Many people neglect to keep their front yards looking nice and it can be having a negative impact on what people are saying about your house. Not to mention that curb appeal is a huge selling factor that is recommended for those trying to improve their home before putting it on the market. This article will suggest a few ideas to help make your front yard look fabulous.

The number one tip in landscaping your yard is to keep it tidy. Do not overcrowd by adding in statues, fountains or an abundance of trees. Not only will this be a pain when it is time to mow the yard, but it just looks junky

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home-improvement_222Are you a homeowner who is neck deep in home improvements, but do not know where to begin?

These improvements can become very stressful, but are very easy to accomplish with the right attitude and a few useful ways to go about home improvements. Before making decisions on where to begin with all the improvements needed in your home, read about these five easy ways to go about accomplishing all your home improvements without all the stress and uneasiness.

1. Start by taking care of anything in the home that is damaged or broken. It could be a variety of things such as tables, chairs, flooring, etc. Items that need to be fixed up, but do not take too much time to do. By fixing up these small issues, your home will already start to look much better.


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roof_170Your roof needs to be in good condition if it is going to keep your home and property safe and protected from the weather. Roofs can be made out of many different types of material. If you are working on your roof, without replacing it, then you will need to find matching tiles or materials with which to patch it up. If you are going to replace the entire roof, you may want to upgrade to a more durable or attractive material.

Leaks in your roof should be dealt with as soon as possible. Any water that leaks into your home could damage your property and the structure of your home. It could also lead to problems with damp and mold. If you have found a leak in your roof, you may need to replace a broken tile or seal a gap in the roof.

Many people leave it

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waterdrop_111One of the main worries that homeowners have today is the fear that one day there might be the possibility of accidental water damage to their home. The key word here is "accidental". Though many of us are careful to make sure that everything is shut off, there also is the chance that we become preoccupied, which can lead to your worst nightmare. There are also those unexpected situations that can happen anytime, any day. Whether water damage is caused by a storm that blew through, causing your home or basement to flood, or you accidentally forget to shut off the water. Water removal can be very costly and if not taken care of promptly, can cause much more water damage then you can afford. Before this happens, here are some useful steps you can take to

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foreclosure-home_347Nobody who buys a new house wants to end up losing it in foreclosure, but there is always the possibility that financial difficulties may make it difficult to repay your mortgage, particularly in a bad economic climate. If you are facing such problems, however, it is important to realize that there are viable alternatives to foreclosure, which may be more suitable for your particular situation. You should look for the solution that matches your financial needs and the type of loan that you have taken out.

Reinstatement can be a good option if your problems making the loan repayments have only been temporary. You may be able to make an agreement with your lender to repay all of the late payments and the penalties that you have incurred by a specific

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the-meadows-homes_333The Meadows was designed to allow its residents to appreciate the natural beauty and splendor of Colorado. The development was carefully planned and built to ensure that while every comfort would be provided, nature would be preserved. From their new homes, Meadows residents can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding open spaces and access to some of the most beautiful recreational spaces in the state.

Despite the proximity of the development to this beautiful wilderness, the Meadows is also within easy reach of the friendly community of Castle Rock. Castle Rock is an attractive town, with many historic brick buildings dating back to the Old West. There are some excellent restaurants and shops in the town, as well as a weekly farmer's market on

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