March 2011

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Has your real estate agent preached 'location, location, location' to you yet? If they haven't, they probably will sometime during your hunt for a new home. Your home will be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to the layout, the size, the yard, and the interior fixings. But location is just as important, especially if you have school age children still at home.

Location is actually a factor in how the house is appraised and valued. This is not something that is about to change any time soon. Some homes are more desired than others and if you are looking towards future resale value, you need to take the location of the house into consideration when you purchase it.

A good example of how location is important is the difference between two

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Did you know that the terms 'house' and 'home' are not interchangeable in the real estate community? Pay close attention to how your real estate agent refers to the home you're selling or buying. While it may seem silly to you and that there is no discernable difference between the words, there actually is when it comes to real estate. It's actually a matter of perspective.

In the real estate world, the agent working on getting a buyer for your home will refer to as a 'house'. The word house simply represents a structure that the new owner will be turning into their own domain. The real estate agent is actually helping you understand this without actually saying it. By referring to your home as a house during the sale, you are able to let go of the

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