Basics of LED Lighting

Posted by Bruce Swedal on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 1:48pm.

Most of today's homeowners have replaced their Edison style filament bulbs with new compact fluorescent light (aka CFL) bulbs and by now have taken notice of how much longer these new CFL bulbs last. The newest trend in lighting is the light-emitting diode (aka LED). It was at one time used mainly for industrial and commercial applications but is now moving into homes around the country with good reason.
LED lighting works in a much more unique way than more traditional lighting options. By moving electrons through a semiconductor material and LED light creates lighting that shines in specific directions. When using LED to replace a standard type of bulb many diodes are utilized to create a bright light which creates very little heat. LED lights are still considered expensive when comparing prices to the older style of bulbs that they replace, however LED lights are more over two times as efficient as CFL bulbs and 8 times as efficient as the incandescent style of bulbs but a key element to consider is that LED bulbs can last as long as twenty years.
A negative that was often associated with LED lighting used to be that the generated light was cold and white. Newer technology has the lights available in warmer tones which place less strain on the eyes while being more flattering on the area lighted. LED lights (like CFL) are now made so they can fit standard light fixtures of all types and styles including dimmable fixtures. The main thing that is increasing the popularity of LED lighting is the infrequent replacement. Additional advantages include they contain no mercury or toxic materials, are not as likely to break when dropped and immediately reach full brightness when turned on.
When purchasing LED bulbs one should look for the Energy Star compliant designation which means that it has been tested to ensure it meets current EPA standards for consistency, quality, performance and efficiency. Homeowners can start saving energy and money by installing these in their hard to reach and most utilized fixtures today.

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