Explore The World Without Leaving Colorado: The Wildlife Experience

Posted by Bruce Swedal on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 9:12am.


The Wildlife Experience is a museum unlike any other. It is a chance to get close to the natural world without stepping outside the state. Visitors can travel from one end of the world to the other, walking through diverse ecosystems and meeting some of the amazing creatures that live in them.

No other museum presents its exhibits in the same way as the Wildlife Experience. Every medium is used to teach visitors about natural history, with displays including film, fine art and many interactive features that will particularly intrigue younger visitors.

One of the most exciting parts of the museum is Globeology. Over a quarter of a mile, visitors wander through a state of the art interactive experience, passing from the rainforest to the desert to the frozen tundra. This is not just a chance to learn about the world, but to experience it. Entering Globeology is like being transported around the world. Visitors walk through the rainforest canopy on a rope bridge, catching glimpses of howler monkeys and brightly colored birds as a thunderstorm rumbles overhead. They pass through underground caves, feel the chill of the Arctic tundra, and evade the attack of an animatronic crocodile.

Among the other permanent exhibits there is a section dedicated to the natural history of Colorado. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is new to the state to get to know their new home a little better, or for old residents to learn something new about their state. Colorado is an incredibly diverse state, with habitats ranging from open plains to rocky mountain ranges. The Colorado Profiles exhibit explores some of these environments through photographs of the many natural wonders and incredible wildlife that can be found locally.

There is always something new to see at the Wildlife Experience, with new temporary exhibitions appearing at regular intervals to complement the permanent features of the museum. These visiting exhibitions include presentations created by wildlife artists and chances to learn more about specific issues or creatures.

The Wildlife Experience runs an educational program that often reaches out to local schools. As well as offering special tours for groups of schoolchildren, the museum runs an online K-12 curriculum and encourages children to explore the natural world through programs such as Meet the Artist. Families living in Homestead Ranch will find that their children benefit from many educational opportunities, but the Wildlife Experience is certainly the most innovative and environmentally conscious. The educational programs and events run by the Wildlife Experience include student art exhibitions, summer camps, overnight stays in the museum, and classroom visits by instructors who will bring along some of their favorite animals.

The museum also hosts regular movie nights that include a tour of the museum, dinner and an Extreme Screen Theater showing of a film with a relevant environmental theme. Recent screenings include The Jungle Book, Madagascar and WALL-E.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the natural world or who would like to share their knowledge with others is welcome to volunteer at the museum. Local volunteers benefit from free entry into the Wildlife Experience and opportunities to attend continuing education events such as field trips and talks by guest speakers.

The museum also acts as a community center, with spaces both indoors and out that can be booked for special events.

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