Firelight: Highlands Ranch's Most Beautiful Neighborhood

Posted by Bruce Swedal on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 at 8:24am.

firelight-highlands-ranch_293Firelight is the probably the most attractive neighborhood in Highlands Ranch. It is situated on some of the highest ground in the area, ensuring that its residents have some of the best views of Denver and the Rockies. It also has some of the most unique architecture in Highlands Ranch, particularly in those higher areas.

There are a wide range of different property styles and sizes in Firelight, although the area is characterized by large single family homes. The neighborhood is popular with families and commuters who need to be near enough to Denver in order to work in the city, but who prefer the lifestyle and recreational opportunities of living out in Highlands Ranch.

Commuting into Denver from Firelight is very easy, either by car, or on the bus or light railway systems. Many of the people who live in Firelight work in Denver, but prefer to raise their families outside the city.

Most of the children who live in the Firelight area attend either the Copper Mesa or Heritage elementary schools, before moving on to Mountain Ridge middle school and Mountain Vista high school. The school district for the area is Douglas County.

It is the green spaces and surrounding countryside that attract many people to Highlands Ranch, and Firelight is ideally situated for anyone who hopes to take advantage of these features. In addition to the amazing views, which take in both the city and the surrounding mountains and country, Firelight has a number of parks and open spaces, and is within easy reach of the Highlands Park trails system and Backcountry Wilderness Area. This means that residents can head out for a hike through some of the areas most beautiful natural landscapes, or join one of the trails for a walk, run or bike ride. Nearby Daniels Park, just outside the Firelight area, offers another interesting area to explore, which includes a number of historic buildings and a bison preserve.

Within Firelight itself, there are a selection of different green and open spaces, such as Red-Tail Park. Red-Tail Park has sports facilities including a field for baseball and softball, a multi-purpose sports field and a basketball court. It also has a picnic shelter and a children's playground.

Firelight is part of the wider Highlands Ranch community, and its residents are, therefore, served by the Highlands Ranch Community Association. There is also a separate, subsidiary homeowner's association specifically for the residents of the Firelight neighborhood. The Firelight association cares for the local parks and organizes a number of events for the community.

The Highlands Park Community Association also organizes many social events and activities for the local residents. It is responsible for caring for most of the area's parks and the Wilderness Area. The association also manages a number of recreation centers that provide a selection of facilities for Highlands Park residents. The Southridge center is the nearest to Firelight, and is within easy walking distance of many of the homes in Firelight.

Southridge is also the most convenient shopping area for residents of Firelight. The Southridge shopping center has a good selection of stores and restaurants, including a grocery store and a drive through coffee shop, which is particularly popular with commuters heading into downtown Denver. Other shopping opportunities exist nearby at the Park Meadows Mall and Grove Lifestyle Center.

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