Gardening is For Kids Too

Posted by Bruce Swedal on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 at 7:27am.

kids-gardening_400Gardening is not just for adults. Kids like to grow things as well. Gardening can be fun and educational for children. In school they usually grow a bean sprout for a school grade. But children like to get out there and dig around in dirt and play with bugs and anything else that would be associated with a garden. But having them do it on their own is not feasible and you may not be able to help. So an easy thing for them to grow would be herbs. Parsley is a great herb to grow because it is used in a lot of cooking. Along with being an ornament on your plate, it is an all natural breath mint. Parsley is chock full of vitamins and minerals has numerous other uses.

Parsley is a beautiful plant that can be used in so many things and can be grown in a pot. It can be kept in your child's room for them to watch. Once the parsley is fully grow then it can be given as a gift, from the heart, to an individual that enjoys the art of cooking. This is something that can grow all year long. With this in mind your child can have it for any occasion; Mother's Day, birthday or just because. This gift will light up both the giver and receiver.

Parsley is not only a great gift, it doesn't cost much to grow. In fact, the only thing you really need to purchase are the seeds. You can just about use anything you have around the house for a planter. Things like butter tubs, sour cream containers or even plastic cups. First thing you will want to do is ensure containers are completely cleaned out. Then, ask your parents to cut holes in the bottom. This is for water drainage. Now grab some potting soil and put it in your container. With your fingers or a stick poke little holes in the dirt to place the seeds in. Once this is done pour water in the container until it starts coming out of the holes in the bottom. After all this is done, place container on lid or something to catch the water and place on a sunny window ledge. It will take some time to grow, but once the parsley is full and the leaves are curly the gift is ready to light up someones life.

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