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Greenwood Village is a Denver suburb that is located within Arapahoe County. A number of companies are based in and around Greenwood Village, notably in the Denver Tech Center. The development of urban business areas played a key role in the transformation of the area from farmland into its current state. Many people commute into the village for work and there are excellent transportation link to Denver.

Greenwood Village can be divided into 35 distinct neighborhoods, which offer a wide range of different styles of living. Single family homes are common, although there are also good selections of townhouses and condos. Estates and horse friendly properties are also available in the village. The area has a mix of older homes and new luxury developments, such as the Preserve. The area as a whole is a safe, peaceful community where residents are provided with an excellent range of services and surrounded by beautiful parks and trails.

Greenwood Village is an excellent place in which to raise a family. In addition to the beautiful homes and parks, the Littleton Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District, which serve the community, have some of the best schools in the region.

The Greenwood Village community is very active. Numerous events are held throughout the year, including the popular Greenwood Village Day celebrations. The Curtis Arts and Humanities Center holds various events and exhibitions, and also provides opportunities for locals to learn new skills.

Greenwood Village was initially founded upon the area that was then known as Greenwood Ranch during the mid 20th century. At this time, it was a rural area, with most families living and working on farms. There has been substantial development since this time, with new residential and commercial areas being created and causing a significant increase in the local population. This development has preserved the original character of the area, however. The beauty and charm of the rural beginnings of Greenwood Village are very apparent in its carefully planned layout, and the magnificent views of the Rockies are still there just outside the windows of the newly built homes and businesses.

The land was first settled during the 1860s, when a few pioneering settlers came out to the area to search for gold. By the beginning of the 19th century, there were abundant orchards producing apples, cherries, plums, pears and apricots.

An enterprising man called Rufus Clark began buying up land in the area. He began with 160 acres that he used to farm potatoes, and ended up with 20,000 acres, including most of what is now Greenwood Village. This became known as the Clark Colony. At the same time, another immigrant to the area, Cyrus Richardson, was operating the massive Greenwood Ranch, which covered a huge area of what was to become Greenwood Village.

By the 1940s, the community had become a mixture of farmers and second home owners, who would come south from Denver during the summer in order to escape the city. The residents were concerned that the rapid spread of Denver was a threat to their homes and lifestyles, however, and in 1950 a group of the local people, chaired by Charles Enos, decided to create their own town and name it Greenwood Village.

Development of the area has been carefully planned, with a lot of input from the local residents. The care that has been taken is apparent in the wealth of amenities and in the seamless integration of each new building into the neighborhood. The farming origins of the village have also been respected, and much of the natural beauty has been retained and allowed to influence the design of the residential and urban areas. Numerous trees have been planted along the village's streets, and large sections of the area have been set aside as parkland.

Greenwood Village has 21 different parks, as well as a system of trails that wind around the area and are very popular with the local residents. Social events such as concerts are often held in the parks during the summer, while there are sporting facilities available all year round. There are also a number of equestrian parks and trails in the area.

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