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When a buyer finds the home that they believe will be perfect for them, chances are that they are going to have the home inspected. If the buyer for some odd reason does not do this, then you are on your own when it comes to problems that arise with the property. Any real estate agent will tell you that you need to have an inspector look at the property before you agree to purchase it in order to protect yourself.

So what exactly is the inspector checking for? There are two kinds of inspections that you should consider getting on any property that you are serious about purchasing. For one, the pest inspection will tell you if you have any kind of pests lingering in the home that you may not see why looking at the home, such as termites which could affect

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10 deadly mistakes Denver home buyers make when purchasing a home.

Looking for a home prior to getting prequalified

Prequalification makes your life and home buying process much easier so make sure to take the time needed to speak with a quality lender (contact me and I can refer you).  By getting answers to questions on income, debt, etc., the lender can help you determine the price range that you can afford. 

Not getting a home inspection

We understand that saving money is important, but skipping a home inspection to save a little money today could end up costing you a lot of money tomorrow.  Qualified home inspectors can inspect a home for issues that many home buyers could easily overlook.  We are happy to refer quality home inspectors.


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