Traits that Home Buyers Look for In Their Agents

Posted by Bruce Swedal on Monday, January 14th, 2013 at 11:08am.

The abundance of technology today puts an extraordinary amount of real estate information at their fingertips. When it comes to real estate, buyers and sellers are savvy. So what are their expectations when it comes to an agent? Experts conclude that the six most desirable traits that home buyers look for in their agent in todays market are:

  1. Complete Honesty - Home buyers today not only want information quickly, they also want that information to accompany an immediate solution.
  2. No Ambiguity - Home buyers today expect to get advice from a professional that does not leave them guessing on the path to take. Contract terms, for example, home buyers expect advice from the professionals on the best course based on experience.
  3. Choices - Clearly defined options and explanations on how each outcome could affect them along the way.
  4. Outstanding Service - Home buyers want more than just the information they can find online, they want extra in knowledge and experience brought to the table.
  5. Professional Advice - Home buyers seek the unbiased advice during the process that allows them to make clear and concise decisions.
  6. Friendly Ear - They expect understanding of their needs and desires mixed with a bit of honest that brings some tough love when needed.

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